12 August 2015

A few years ago, at the end of the school year, an incident happened between a teacher and some high school students. She said, he said, they said … and the whole thing became huge.
Rumours where spread and soon, pretty much everybody was talking about it.

I walked into the class to find the students kind of upset and the atmosphere edgy.

a story

11 August 2015
There is something magnificent in telling stories. Short stories have even bigger impact- it takes all the gifts of a storyteller to invent a unique short story to reach the soul and bring an uplifting effect.
Today I share with you a story I like to tell my students, especially the high school graduate class, because, well, I trully believe in them and I want them to know that. After all, everybody loves a good story.  
Pablo Picasso Enamel Saucepan
"Mum had left early in the morning and left them with Marina, an eighteen year old girl that she used to hire every now and then to take care of them for a few pesos.
Since their father had passed away, times were really harsh, so she couldn't skip work every time granny was ill or out of town.
I don't particularly like signs and quotes. Every person is different and, how can a person be described within just a few words? How can a man live by a quote?
This sign is hanging at my daughter's room, though, indicating a powerful quote by Nikos Kazantzakis:
“Reach what you cannot” (“ Φτάσε όπου δεν μπορείς ”). I even spent many hours of my precious night sleep to design, write and paint this particular one to hang at their room.  

It is hanged over their loft bed, as high as it was possible. At age 4 my oldest daughter can't reach it.  
This is the point I wanted to make: “Maybe now  you can't reach your goals, but everyday you get stronger and wiser and if you set a goal and work hard towards it, everyday you will be closer to your dreams.”

"Reach out for your Dreams, my darling"

urge to write

16 March 2015
urge to write
when the urge to write hits her, use whatever is handy:
cumin seeds + a tray = instant Montessori writing activity set up

happiness is a choice

30 January 2015
" Do not ask your children
to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,

dare to blossom

27 January 2015
As I came back from a hospital visit my eyes opened to this little miracle: 
The almond tree blossomed despite it is clearly winter. 
So, today, I choose looking up over looking down.

" When it rains, 
look for rainbows. 
  When it’s dark, 
   look for stars. "

baby eating raisins

07 January 2015

I admit holding my breath while my 7,5-month-old was chewing raisins.
Although we are into the Baby-Led Weaning style, watching her eating raisins was too much for me.
Now I am totally a believer! How happy and confident a baby is when they get to choose what/ how much/ how fast to eat.
Apparently, babies know what's best for themselves (don't we all?)

baby eating raisins

What is even cuter than baby feet? 
These barefoot sandals are my new obsession!
I love everything about them: 
searching for the perfect pattern on the internet/ creating a new pattern/ collecting fine materials/ 
crocheting using the smallest crochet hook I've ever seen/ 
admiring tiny sandals/ kissing baby feet/ share them with you!

pearls and flowers barefoot sandals
Flower pattern for the sandal from the Gipsy Girl beanie on Ravelry:
As a mother with a crafter's soul, I anticipate the moment my daughter will be interested in knitting.
Montessori teached me to follow the child. So I understand that introducing this activity is not about the age of the child, it's all about their interests. 
When it comes to young children - preschoolers who want to knit, the first activity we present is single finger knitting, followed by finger knitting or knitting with looms and spools.
So I learned myself single finger knitting and spent some happy hours making bracelets
I also analyzed the procedure into simple steps in order to be able to present it to my child and I made this tutorial.
Why I am so happy to present you this activity: 
1. This is engaging to young kids, building their concentration and their self-confidence
2. They actually make something they can wear or keep
3. This is relaxing for grown-ups, too!
Let's begin:
The Single Finger Knitting Tutorial

You will only need:

This classic Montessori mobile is simple yet beautiful.
It moves smoothly in the tiniest breeze and won't overstimulate the infant.

We introduce it to the baby at 5 weeks.
We present it when the baby is calm, well fed and aware.

Making this mobile was easy and fun- the best part is how much Lydia enjoys it!

To make your own Montessori Octahedron Mobile...


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How can a person be described within just a few words?
We are much more complicated -and amazing- than that!
My name is Victoria, 
I am a mama, a science teacher, a Montessori enthusiast, an occasional crafter, a book lover. 
And I strive to find the perfect words. 
I am so glad you are here!

Please read more about me at My Story page


There is something magnificent in telling stories. Short stories have even bigger impact- it takes all the gifts of a storyteller to invent a unique short story to reach the soul and bring an uplifting effect.


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