in the closet

14 June 2014

a closet + a willing parent = delight

sibling love

11 June 2014

"She is too tiny to name her Lydia- let's call her Little Drummer (girl)"

"This is a woman, and her baby. She is pregnant.The baby is inside her belly, and you can never see inside a belly" 

She originally painted a baby inside the woman's belly, but she covered it with black paint as she was explaining it to me.

Oh, my sweet little girl. 

And just like that, I am back to my own childhood, reading The Little Prince and laughing at the grown-ups who see a child's drawing but cannot understand it- 
they always need to have things explained. 

"All grown-ups were once children - although few of them remember it."  
Antoine de Saint Exupéry, The Little Prince 

One of the nicest things about toddlerhood:

go shopping with your family on a Spring day proudly wearing your swimsuit over your clothes

All the preparations I made for my second baby was gathering and making montessori infant material.
I love the Montessori way of living! 
I was waiting for this moment to come- having my precious little one and trying out all these things Montessori parents swear by. 

I truly believe Montessori works, but still it is a great surprise to watch how well this applies to an infant's needs -
the baby is only 2 weeks old and she was occupied by these pictures for what felt like ages to me!

She discovers her voice- and she uses it!

welcoming Lydia

11 May 2014

It feels like there has always been a place for you into our family.
And now you are here.
Welcome, my little one.

a giving heart

21 April 2014

My little girl will soon become the big sister to our baby girl.
My heart melts watching her making "preparations" for the baby-

cloth nappies love

21 April 2014

When we had our first baby, we were busy enough worrying if we are holding/ dressing/ caring for her the right way.

Now I am confident to relax and smile just picturing this little new baby in cute cloth diapers. 

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How can a person be described within just a few words?
We are much more complicated -and amazing- than that!
My name is Victoria, 
I am a mama, a science teacher, a Montessori enthusiast, an occasional crafter, a book lover. 
And I strive to find the perfect words. 
I am so glad you are here!

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There is something magnificent in telling stories. Short stories have even bigger impact- it takes all the gifts of a storyteller to invent a unique short story to reach the soul and bring an uplifting effect.


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