As a mother with a crafter's soul, I anticipate the moment my daughter will be interested in knitting.
Montessori teached me to follow the child. So I understand that introducing this activity is not about the age of the child, it's all about their interests. 
When it comes to young children - preschoolers who want to knit, the first activity we present is single finger knitting, followed by finger knitting or knitting with looms and spools.
So I learned myself single finger knitting and spent some happy hours making bracelets
I also analyzed the procedure into simple steps in order to be able to present it to my child and I made this tutorial.
Why I am so happy to present you this activity: 
1. This is engaging to young kids, building their concentration and their self-confidence
2. They actually make something they can wear or keep
3. This is relaxing for grown-ups, too!
Let's begin:
The Single Finger Knitting Tutorial

You will only need: