The binomial cube is one of the first Montessori materials I purchased because it is so eye catcing, so inviting.
I even brought it with me to my High School classes to see how a teenager would react. We end up experimenting with it.
Iris also noticed it, and at first she enjoyed the different colors of the surface.
A few months later she was choosing this instead of her classic wooden cubes to build a tower. Now she builts it with joy.
So she chose the binomial cube to bring with us to our summer vacation.

This video is from that time away from home.

I can clearly see my presentation of building the binomial cube in this video. She even stops when she has already put the first cube and goes back to point the color of each surface of the cube!

Haha! Of course, after that, I changed my obviously formal way of presenting a new montessori material for a more casual, more playful one. 

Much better now.