DIY Montessori Material: the Octahedron Mobile + Pattern

19 June 2014

This classic Montessori mobile is simple yet beautiful.
It moves smoothly in the tiniest breeze and won't overstimulate the infant.

We introduce it to the baby at 5 weeks.
We present it when the baby is calm, well fed and aware.

Making this mobile was easy and fun- the best part is how much Lydia enjoys it!

To make your own Montessori Octahedron Mobile...



You will need:

Cardstock metallic paper in red, blue and gold
A 25cm long wooden dowel
Template- click here to download
Glue and tape
Invisible thread and beads to hang the octahedra

Print out the template onto the cardstocks and cut out along the outer lines.
Or you can print the template onto paper, cut out and trace onto the cardstock.
Score along the dotted lines using a ruler and a pen.
Fold along all the dotted lines. 
Glue one tab in place and secure it with tape on the inside of the octahedron.
Continue glueing the other tabs in place. Before you glue the last one in place,
tie a bead to the one end of the invisible thread you will use to hang the octahedron and 
hold it to the inside of the shape. Glue the last tab in place and close the shape.
Repeat to build three shapes. 

Assemble the mobile 
The mobile will be approximately 40 cm long.

Hope you have fun making the mobile, too!
I would love you to share your photos or comments with me!

I'd love to know what you think!


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