Single Finger Knitting - A Tutorial

04 August 2014
As a mother with a crafter's soul, I anticipate the moment my daughter will be interested in knitting.
Montessori teached me to follow the child. So I understand that introducing this activity is not about the age of the child, it's all about their interests. 
When it comes to young children - preschoolers who want to knit, the first activity we present is single finger knitting, followed by finger knitting or knitting with looms and spools.
So I learned myself single finger knitting and spent some happy hours making bracelets
I also analyzed the procedure into simple steps in order to be able to present it to my child and I made this tutorial.
Why I am so happy to present you this activity: 
1. This is engaging to young kids, building their concentration and their self-confidence
2. They actually make something they can wear or keep
3. This is relaxing for grown-ups, too!
Let's begin:
The Single Finger Knitting Tutorial

You will only need:
yarn in colour of choice
Tie a slip knot around your index finger. Hold the end of the yarn with the three fingers.
Wrap the yarn around your index finger working from the front to the back. Now you have two loops.
Pull the right loop over the other loop
Continue to pull the loop off the index finger.
That's it!
Repeat the procedure until you have the desired length. 
-using a ball of yarn for this project can be frustrating to a young kid when the yarn gets messy so I would use a not-so-long thread instead. It will make a child's bracelet, so you won't need much!
-use a not-so-thin yarn
You could also find this video tutorial useful:
I would love to see your projects and read your comments! 

I'd love to know what you think!

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