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 Why Innerchild ? 

Being a mama has been a mindblowing experience for me. You probably feel the same. It s demanding, often ovelwelming, but oh-so-rewarding. 

I watch Iris growing up, this inner motivation all children have to explore and discover the world, this original joy with simple pleasures of life. She makes me appreciate the small things of everyday awesomeness. I stand back to admire the spirit, the original way of thinking, the kindness of a child.
This makes me go back to a warm safe place of my childhood. Re-connects me with this child inside me. I thankfully welcome the inner child of mine- this is a journey back home.

I am a science teacher, too. I see Science in everyday things. Hands-on Science is the only true kind of Science! And, let me say, young children are the best scientists, because they are always experimenting and oh-so-openminded! They think outside the box.

During my pregnancy I came across the Montessori philosophy and it just clicked. 

Now we live the Montessori way - it completely transformed our family life.

I also make things with my hands. It s calming and helps me put my thoughts in order. Having a room full of yarn, fabric, art supplies and little notes with project ideas is so promising. 

I have a heart of a book lover, always smelling a book before beginning to read it and usually carrying one or two with me, although time to actually read it is hardly found. 
So many books, so little time!

Here I blog about all this- hope this will be a place you feel comfortable to stay. I would really love it if you enrich it with your comments and opinions.

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I always enjoy good company!